M.Pharm ( Pharmaceutics)


About The Programme:

The 2-year M. Pharma program is aimed at creating skilled and competent pharmacy professionals catering the need of academia, industry and formulation research. The program imparts essential skills required in the area of formulation development, process development, and production which are essential components for pharmaceutical manufacturing of traditional and novel drug delivery systems.

The first year involves theoretical and practical sessions in the following areas: dosage form design; advanced pharmaceutical methods of analysis; drug regulatory affairs; biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics; dosage form technology; advances in industrial pharmacy; and novel drug delivery systems. The second year dissertation projects touch upon formulation development, stability studies, and process validation for traditional and novel drug delivery systems.

Expected Outcomes:

After successful completion of the program the graduate will be able to

  1. Independently carry out research /investigation and development work to solve practical problems.
  2. To write and present/publish a substantial technical report/
  3. To rationalize, design, develop and evaluate various pharmaceutical formulations using latest pharmaceutical manufacturing and analytical equipments.
  4. Apply the principles of biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics for development of efficacious dosage forms to be taken by different routes like oral, parenteral and topical.
  5. Implement the computer application in pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics modelling and simulation study.
  6. Execute team based research to implement innovative solutions in the area of product development and technology transfer.
  7. Develop cosmetics and cosmeceuticals and novel drug delivery systems with desired safety, stability, and
  8. Analyze, criticize, organize, improvise and manage documents, data and information related to pharmaceutical production process.

Intake: 15 seats

Tuition Fee: 12500/- per semester as proposed to the Fee Regulatory Committee.

Approval: The programme is duly recognized by both the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

Duration of Programme: The duration of this Programme is 2 years after completion of B. Pharm course.

Admission Eligibility: For the purpose of admission, a candidate shall have passed the qualifying examination in the B. Pharm discipline with 55% marks (50% marks for SC/ST/SEBC candidates) and obtained the qualifying marks in GPAT/GSET for pharmacy (Please visit www.jacpcldce.ac.in for more details).

The institute has a facility of the required infrastructure including Class rooms with Projector and Air Conditioners, library with sufficient seating capacity and equipped with journals, pharmacopoeias and reference books, computing facilities with Wi-Fi and the well-developed laboratories with required instrumentation facilities.

Following are the major instruments/equipment's available at the institute to facilitate the students’ practical and research work.

  1. Rotary Tablet Compression Machine
  2. Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus with auto sampler assembly
  3. Digital tablet hardness tester
  4. Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus
  5. Friability Test Apparatus
  6. Magnetic stirrers
  7. Analytical Weighing Balance
  8. Particle Size Analyzer
  9. Moisture Balance
  10. Water Purification System (Milli Q)
  11. UV Spectrophotometer
  12. FTIR
  13. HPLC
  14. HPTLC
  15. NMR
  16. LC-MS-MS

Many more instruments/equipment's are in the procurement pipeline and will be installed in short time. The list includes:

  1. Tray Drier
  2. Fluid Bed Drier
  3. Rheometer
  4. Lyophilizer (Freeze Drier)
  5. Microscopes

Note: I.S.E.A. = "Internal Assessment Sessional Exams" , E.S.E. = "End Semester Exams", * = "Non University Examination"

Subject codeSubject nameNo. of HoursCredits Marks (I.A.S.E.)DurationMarks(E.S.E.)Duration(E.S.E.)Total Marks
MAT101TModern Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques44201 hr803 hr100
MPH102TDrug Delivery System44201 hr803 hr100
MPH103TModern Pharmaceutics44201 hr803 hr100
MPH104TRegulatory Affair44201 hr803 hr100
MPH105PPharmaceutics Practical I126506 hr1006 hr150

Subject codeSubject nameNo. of HoursCredits Marks (I.A.S.E.)DurationMarks(E.S.E.)Duration(E.S.E.)Total Marks
MPH201TMolecular Pharmaceutics(Nano Tech and Targeted DDS)44201 hr803 hr100
MPH202TAdvanced Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics44201 hr803 hr100
MQA203TComputer Aided Drug Delivery System44201 hr803 hr100
MPH204TCosmetic and Cosmeceuticals44201 hr803 hr100
MPH205TPharmaceutics Practical II126506 hr1006 hr150

Subject codeSubject nameNo. of HoursCredits Marks (I.A.S.E.)DurationMarks(E.S.E.)Duration(E.S.E.)Total Marks
MRA301TResearch Methodology and Biostatistics*44201 hr803 hr100
MJC302PJournal Club I1125025
MDP303PDiscussion/ Presentation (Proposal Presentation)225050
MRW304PResearch Work - Dissertation Phase I281450300350

Subject codeSubject nameNo. of HoursCredits Marks (I.A.S.E.)DurationMarks(E.S.E.)Duration(E.S.E.)Total Marks
MJC401PJournal Club II112525
MDP402PDiscussion/ Presentation (Proposal Presentation)337575
MRW403PResearch Work - Dissertation Phase I32160400400
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