B. Pharm






Intake: 60 seats


Tuition Fee: 12500/- per semester.


Approval: The programme is duly recognized by both the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)


Duration of Programme: The duration of this Programme is 4 years after completion of 12th Science.



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The institute has a facility of the required infrastructure including Class rooms with Projector and Air Conditioners, library with sufficient seating capacity and equipped with journals, pharmacopoeias and reference books, computing facilities with Wi-Fi and the well-developed laboratories with required instrumentation facilities.

Following are the major instruments/equipment's available at the institute to facilitate the students’ practical and research work.

  1. Rotary Tablet Compression Machine
  2. Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus with auto sampler assembly
  3. Digital tablet hardness tester
  4. Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus
  5. Friability Test Apparatus
  6. Magnetic stirrers
  7. Analytical Weighing Balance
  8. Particle Size Analyzer
  9. Moisture Balance
  10. Water Purification System (Milli Q)
  11. UV Spectrophotometer
  12. FTIR
  13. HPLC
  14. HPTLC
  15. NMR
  16. LC-MS-MS

Many more instruments/equipment's are in the procurement pipeline and will be installed in short time. The list includes:

  1. Tray Drier
  2. Fluid Bed Drier
  3. Rheometer
  4. Lyophilizer (Freeze Drier)
  5. Microscopes



B. Pharm Syllabus : https://www.gtu.ac.in/Syllabus_list.aspx


Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

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