M. Pharm (Phytopharmacy and Phytomedicine)




About Course:

The enchanting field of Phytopharmacy has gained enormous popularity due to promising effectiveness of traditional medicines in various diseases. Further, modern scientific approach towards ethnomedicines have given rise to novel branches like Phytopharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Food for Special Medical Purpose and Cosmetics in fields of herbal drug engineering. With these advancements there is a greater need to have a thorough understanding of Novel Facets of Phytopharamcy and Phytomedicines.  The objective of this course is to develop skillsets in the knowledge seekers about the aspects of herbal drug development such as critical variables in phytopharmaceutical development, importance of ancient medicine systems & remedies thereof, extraction, isolation & characterization of phytochemicals, pharmacological evaluation and standardization of herbal formulations, novel approaches and IPR as well as regulatory viewpoints of herbal drugs. It is observed that there is lack of proper guidance regarding critical variable affecting the transformation of traditional herbal formulas in to modern pharmaceutical formulations. Often, there is lack of understanding in terms of how a novel formulation approach and particular analytical technique could be used for herbal drug engineering. A thorough understanding of these factors along with IPR and regulatory viewpoints will help one to device a proper strategy of development of phytopharamceuticals. In this course attention has been given to the fundamental aspects of phytomedicine development with focus on numerous current and future sophisticated analytical techniques as well as biological evaluation methods while keeping the need of industries and regulatory bodies in mind. Therefore, it is hoped that by bringing together known and established facts concerning them, our institute will be able to garner trained human resources for industries working in fields of phytopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuitcals and related fields. The objective of this course is to fill this gap so that both academicians and professional working in the field could benefit from the same.


Intake: 10 seats


Tuition Fee: 13,125/- per semester as proposed to the Fee Regulatory Committee.


Approval: The programme is duly recognized by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) 


Duration of Programme: The duration of this Programme is 2 years after completion of B. Pharm course.


Admission Eligibility: For the purpose of admission, a candidate shall have passed the qualifying examination in the B. Pharm discipline with 55% marks (50% marks for SC/ST/SEBC candidates) and obtained the qualifying marks in GPAT/GSET for pharmacy (Please visit www.jacpcldce.ac.in for more details).


  • To emerge as a globally recognized premier Pharmacy Institute in Teaching, Research, Innovations, Consultancy and Entrepreneurial Training in Pharmaceutical Sciences.



  • To implement modern pedagogical methods to excel in teaching, learning and research through necessary resources.
  • To develop a transparent management system that facilitates staff development and encourages innovation and flexibility.
  • Development of multi talent human resources by skill up-gradation of students through specialized courses and training and by facilitating international student and faculty exchange programmes.



After successful completion of the program the graduate will be able to

  • Independently carry out research /investigation and development work to solve practical problems
  • To write and present/publish a substantial technical report/document
  • To discover, design, develop, and evaluate phytomedicines using various investigation, manufacturing and analytical techniques and tools



After successful completion of the program the graduate will be able to

  • Implement various techniques of drug discovery for substances of natural origin
  • Apply various techniques of extraction, isolation and structure elucidation for phytochemical investigations of raw material and products of herbal origin.
  • Design and develop various traditional as well as novel pharmaceutical and cosmetic herbal formulations using various formulation and development techniques.
  • Apply, develop and perform various standardization criteria for phytomedicines using various physicochemical and modern analytical methods.


Note: I.S.E.A. = "Internal Assessment Sessional Exams" , E.S.E. = "End Semester Exams", * = "Non University Examination"

Subject codeSubject nameNo. of HoursCredits Marks (I.A.S.E.)Duration (I.A.S.E.)Marks(E.S.E.)Duration(E.S.E.)Total Marks
MAT101TModern Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques44201 hr803 hr100
MPM102TNatural Products Chemistry 44201 hr803 hr100
MPM103TPhytochemical Investigation Techniques44201 hr803 hr100
MPM104TTraditional Medicines44201 hr803 hr100
MPM105PPhytopharmacy and Phytomedicine Practical I126504 Hrs for Part A & 6 Hrs for Part B1006 hr150

Subject codeSubject nameNo. of HoursCredits Marks (I.A.S.E.)Duration(I.A.S.E.)Marks(E.S.E.)Duration(E.S.E.)Total Marks
MPM201TPhytopharmaceutical Product Development44201 hr803 hr100
MPM202TStandardization and Validation of Phytomedicines44201 hr803 hr100
MPM203TBiological Evaluation of phytomedicines44201 hr803 hr100
MPM204TBiotechnology and Regulatory aspects of Phytomedicines44201 hr803 hr100
MPM205PPhytopharmacy and Phytomedicine Practical II126506 hr1006 hr150

Subject codeSubject nameNo. of HoursCredits Marks (I.A.S.E.)Duration(I.A.S.E.)Marks(E.S.E.)Duration(E.S.E.)Total Marks
MRW304PResearch Methodology and Biostatistics*44201 hr803 hr100
MJC302PJournal Club I1125025
MDP303PDiscussion/ Presentation (Proposal Presentation)225050
MRW304PResearch Work - Dissertation Phase I281450300350

Subject codeSubject nameNo. of HoursCredits Marks (I.A.S.E.)DurationMarks(E.S.E.)Duration(E.S.E.)Total Marks
MJC401PJournal Club II112525
MDP402PDiscussion/ Presentation (Proposal Presentation)337575
MRW403PResearch Work - Dissertation Phase I32160400400
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