International Conference on “New Horizons of Natural Products and AYUSH Remedies”



About the Conference

Through human history and evolution, natural products have played an essential role in the development and treatment of several diseases. From experience and several religious traditions, various traditional medical systems have emerged. Due to promising effectiveness of traditional medicines, the fascinating field of Phytomedicines and Phytopharmaceuticals has gained enormous popularity. Further, modern scientific approach towards ethno medicines have given rise to novel branches like Phytopharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Food for Special Medical Purpose and Cosmetics in fields of herbal drug development. With these advancements, there is a greater need to have a thorough understanding of contemporary approached in fields of natural products. The conference aims to address recent developments in the fields of drugs discovery, formulation development, manufacturing, standardization & quality control, regulatory affairs of natural products. The conference will also address the usefulness of phytomedicines in addressing the current pandemic situation of COVID-19.

Call for Abstract

Authors are encouraged to contribute to the conference through submission of their research abstracts for e-poster and papers that address themes and topic of conference. Research and review paper are welcomed. Acceptance of abstract will be intimated through e-mail. Please refer to the Abstract Submission Guideline before submitting your paper.  Last date for abstract submission: 14th November, 2021 

Conference Tracks

  1. Present chemical investigations of materials of natural origin.
  2.  Modern approaches for in vitro, in vivo and in silico evaluation of herbal products & AYUSH medicines.
  3.  Recent trends in development of formulations containing phytochemicals.
  4.  Developments in the fields of standardization and quality control.
  5.  Biological chemistry and regulation of phytomedicines.
  6. Repurposing traditional medicines for addressing COVID-19.